Friday, 11 April 2014

'It's all about spring' by Me

It's all about spring
Photo credit: PhotoPudlle on Flickr

I am shattered. It's all good though. It's just the sign of a fantastic first week of the Easter holidays. We have been so busy and had so much fun and I'm sad we're almost half way through now. Never mind, another fun filled week lies ahead of us. I expect I will be twice as tired by next weekend but I won't complain (yet) as I'm finding a change is indeed as good as a rest.

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you are having lots of fun in the spring sunshine!

Monday, 7 April 2014

'Running Track' by Sasin Tipchai

Running Track
Photo credit: Sasin Tipchai

I am not going to turn this into a running journal but I am so pleased with myself at the moment I need to record it here. On Saturday I ran 6km without stopping. And to be honest I think I could have gone further. I am not fast by any means - I definitely won't be winning any races - but I am forever surprising myself at my stamina. I thought 5km was definitely my limit but there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me that a 10km race might not be such an unrealistic ambition. I used to joke about not being about to run for a bus, well funnily enough I did have to run for a bus today and I wasn't out of breath when I got on. That's an achievement in itself! Roll on tomorrow evening when I should get the chance to get out running again.

This is a fantastic running photo to accompany my running rambling. It is so simple but so striking. I love the colours and I really like that you can't see where the track is going. Great picture that really makes me want to put my trainers on and go!

Friday, 4 April 2014

'Beach hut Jangle's' by Cobby31

Beach hut Jangle's
Photo credit: Cobby31 on Flickr

I probably should have posted this a couple of days ago but... Hello April! So far it has been a good month and the rest of it looks set to be rather busy. The school holidays started today which I am so pleased about. I am exhausted and whilst I know I won't exactly be putting my feet up got two weeks I will appreciate the change of routine. Hopefully we'll also get a few lazy mornings.

April is also an exciting month because it's my birthday. I was feeling quite bummed about turning 37 but I have realised I have so many friends turning 40 this year without complaining. I really shouldn't be fussed about 37! And I must mention a much more important birthday this month. My little boy will be turning two. Whilst I am a bit sad that this means a definite end to the baby years I am actually more excited because two is such an amazing age. There will be so much fun stuff he and I can get up to together.

So let me wish you a happy weekend and a happy Easter holidays if you are off on them too. I will leave you with this lovely photo. I don't think I need to explain why I love it. It's a beach hut that is just all kinds of pretty. A perfect photo to kick off what I hope will be a wonderful Easter.

Monday, 31 March 2014

'Mother's Day tulips' by Me

Mother's Day tulips
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

A Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mothers in the UK and in any other place in the world that celebrated Mothering Sunday yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day. I had a really wonderful time and felt very spoiled. My five year old daughter is so sweet. She chose her present for me all by herself. Apparently she had her heart set on getting me a vase to put flowers in. She dragged her daddy round lots of shops on Saturday and fell in love with a glass butterfly vase which she really wanted to get for me. I tried photographing it today but was really not happy with the shots I got so here is a close up of the beautiful tulips that are currently sitting in it.

Friday, 28 March 2014

'Untitled' by Monica Forss

Photo credit: Monica Forss on Flickr

I love this photo. I love this vintage feel of it. I love the sparkle on the water. I love the wet footprints. I love how it makes me think of the summer. I think this weekend is set to be another chilly one but summer can't be far away now. I just hope that this summer will be as lovely as last year's was. I have lots of happy memories (and photographs) of all the fun we had last summer. Sigh... not long now.

Happy weekend all you lovely people.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

'Running on empty' by skubmic

Running on empty
Photo credit: skubmic on Flickr

I am sharing another running photo today as it is such a contrast to the last photo I posted. My Brighton parasols picture was all about beautiful blue skies but the beauty in this is in the absence of colour. Even a grey snowy day can make for a wonderful picture. The subject of the photo is interesting too. I do wonder if I would have the motivation to go out running on a day like this as it looks rather cold. And as a running beginner that hill looks rather steep too. I can see myself walking up that.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

'blue skies and parasols' by Me

Blue skies and parasols
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

Kids don't care about the weather. They just want to get outside and play. Today my daughter's year did a sponsored scoot around the playing field at school. It was raining and the parents all expressed their disappointment at the rubbish weather (and by that I mean we grizzled a bit as we had to stand outside and watch). But our children were all so excited and didn't care about the rain. It was so lovely seeing them all scooting and cycling round the field. My daughter was very proud of the six laps she managed to do in the time. In the end I didn't care about the weather either.

That said I do like a nice sunny day where the skies are a perfect blue. I took this photo when we were in Brighton the other weekend. The weather that day was rather different from today. That's the funny thing about spring, you never know what what weather you are going to get. At the end of March two years ago we had a proper heatwave. I had to rush out and buy emergency sun cream, flip flops and sun hat for my daughter. And rushing anywhere wasn't easy being eight months pregnant! Then last year it snowed in March. Proper snow where the schools were closed and everyone panic bought bread and milk - because you know how the world stops if you can't have milky tea and sandwiches.

Anyway, I love this photo. It looks like it was taken somewhere exotic on holiday but really I was just sitting on a bench by the beach eating fish and chips. I looked up and thought those brollies look nice. Click. Job done!
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