Friday, 30 January 2015

'Snow Glow' by Jenny Karlsson

Snow Glow {Explored}
Photo credit: Jenny Karlsson on Flickr

So yesterday we finally had some snow. At about 5pm it fell for all of about 15 minutes but it was a proper mini blizzard and it even settled on the ground for while. As predicted my son was super excited and I couldn't drag him away from the window. He was annoyed I wouldn't let him go outside and also questioned whether snow meant Father Christmas was coming. But it's all gone now and no more is forecast. I am therefore hoping an early spring is round the corner but I have a feeling my hopes will be dashed.

This is a stunning snowy photo and it doesn't actually make me feel cold. That beautiful sunlight looks almost summery. In fact if the picture hadn't been called 'Snow Glow' I would have questioned whether that was actually a sandy beach.

Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy the snow... if you have it!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

'Untitled' by Gabriella Totyik

Photo credit: Gabriella Totyik on Flickr

Tomorrow is a big day. I am getting my very first pair of glasses. Last week I admitted to myself that my eyes are not as young as they used to be and decided to have an eye test. Turns out I have very healthy eyes and excellent long distance vision but I could do with some reading glasses. Instead of feeling all down about getting older and my body not being what it used to be I am actually quite excited. I'm still not sure if glasses actually suit me but I don't need to wear them all the time so it doesn't really matter. I am hoping they might make me feel a little bit sophisticated. Intellectual even. I might chew one of the arms when I need to consider something deeply. I will let you know how I get on!

I plan to take a photo of my new eye wear but in the mean time here is a spectacle based photograph which is really lovely. I love the colour and tones and it is a really calm photo. What interests me the most though is the fact that the glasses are facing the window and the tulips are leaning that way too. It's almost like they are looking at something particularly fascinating outside. I wonder if the objects were purposely positioned like that or it was a happy accident. Either way it is a really great photo.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

'Weekend Tulip' by ecki

Weekend Tulip
Photo credit: ecki on Flickr

My weekend was rather lovely. Hubby was back after a week away with work so we had a great big snuggly family lie-in yesterday. We also got some things achieved around the house and I managed to make it out for a run. I did 6km which wasn't bad. I want to be back going further but this will have to do for now. But the best bit was spending time on both Saturday and Sunday just hanging out with good friends. I really needed a bit of that. I even managed to find myself relaxing a little bit. Oh how I wish I could be a chilled out person!

This photo makes me wish even harder than I already am for spring. I love tulips and I love bright blue skies. These bold colours are so fantastic and mood-lifting. I want to be taking photos like this myself. I want to stop feeling cold all the time. I want sunshine. I want to stop feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders because it really isn't.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, 23 January 2015

'A cold and frosty morning' by Me

A cold and frosty morning
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

I took this photo of the car this morning. It's a shame it's not perfectly in focus but I really wanted to capture those beautiful snowflake shapes of ice. It's been so cold this week but it's not snowed here. Not a single flake. I think it might actually be, as the saying goes, too cold to snow. I'm not that bothered by the lack of snow as after the initial excitement has warn off it's just a right pain in the bum. But I would love to see what my two year old makes of it. It has snowed in his lifetime but he would have been too tiny to remember it now. I think he would love it!

Wishing you a warm and happy weekend.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

'High Tops' by Carmine Sirianni

High Tops
Photo credit: Carmine Sirianni on Flickr

Life is a bit "Stop the world I want to get off" at the moment. Time seems to be flying by and so much seems to be going on. But in another way time is going so slowly. I hate the cold and it feels like spring is still months away. And whilst there are lots of things going on they're things that are making me stressed. There doesn't seem to be time for fun things. It just seems to be one thing after another to worry about. Some of it real stuff and some of it things that I'm just making up in my head to worry about. I wish I could remember what being happy and carefree felt like!

So what picture should I post here? I think I will go with this one of some Converse as I love these shoes and I love this picture. Such a simple shot really but I think what makes it specially is the colour tones and I also love the messed up laces. I have actually lost count of all the Convserse shoes I have. I think it might be nine pairs. I had better get them all out soon for a little Converse photoshoot of my own! 

Friday, 16 January 2015

'L and G fairy wings' by cate bruce-low

L and G fairy wings
Photo credit: cate bruce-low on Flickr

Tonight we are expecting a visitor. The Tooth Fairy should be on her way to our house right now. I hope she doesn't get lost as she's never been before. The whole first wobbly tooth affair has been rather bittersweet - well for me anyway. She is joining her friends on the gappy-mouthed stage of their childhood. She is growing up. This is exciting. I can't wait to see what kind of big girl my little little girls turns into. But at the same time I'm sad. My baby is definitely a baby no more. Also there is a shallow part of me worrying that her new teeth won't be as perfect as her old baby ones.

So, inspired by the day's events I went searching for fairy photos. I was rather taken by this one. These children look so engrossed in playing together. I wonder what the game was that required dressing up in fairy costumes. I think it is interesting that the room is relatively plain but to them it could be a magical fairy kingdom. Or perhaps the game didn't involve fairies, they just happened to be in fairy dresses. I also wonder whether something interesting was happening outside or whether they were just playing on the window sill. I love it when a photo makes me ask so many questions.

And oh look it's Friday - so let me just wish you all a happy weekend!

Monday, 12 January 2015

'Winter treats' by Me

Comfort on a cold winter day
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

As well as not blogging recently I've not been taking many photos. Well nothing specifically arty anyway, I do of course have a few zillion of my kids etc sitting on my phone and camera. I have therefore been going through what I have taken to try and find something suitably blog worthy. I like this one. I think I took it about a week before Christmas in a garden centre cafe. I think garden centres are such a brilliant place to visit at Christmas time. They are so festive and usually there is a Santa's Grotto or a few Christmas activities for the kids. This picture could have been set out better but it's not bad for a quick snapshot. And this carrot cake was delicious but huge! I'm not sure if I was even able to finish it which for me is saying something. I shall get taking new photos soon!
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