Monday, 23 March 2015

'Bling' by Me

Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

So yesterday I ran my second half marathon and I have to say I loved it. I was so nervous beforehand as my training has been terrible but I was determined to give it my best shot. And it turned out to be an enjoyable race unlike the half marathon I did in September which nearly broke me! It was hard work obviously but I pootled along OK until about eleven miles when my legs just said "no more!". I decided to treat myself to a little walking break but my legs screamed at me even more and I could only manage to walk a few feet at a time before I had to run again. Anyway, I managed to conquer those last two miles and was so proud of myself as I crossed the finish line with a new PB that knocked 15 minutes of my last half marathon time. And the best bit is featured in the photo above. The best medal ever. It's right heafty old thing with the a bright pink quality ribbon. I wore it most of yesterday and even put it on again today just to check it still fitted! I hope you all had a fab weekend too.

Friday, 13 March 2015

'Red Nose Day' by Phil Crewe

Red Nose Day
Photo credit: Phil Crewe on Flickr

It's Red Nose Day today. Comic Relief has always been my favourite of all the charity days like this. I even remember the very first one back in the 1980s - I wrote a poem at school about it. I'm sure I still have it somwhere. Then there was the time a couple of friends and I ran around the town centre dressed in pyjamas and shaking a collection bucket at people. I have also enjoyed staying up until the early hours of the morning on Comic Relief night watching the show. I do love a bit of comedy and the sad bits about what the money is needed for always gets me donating. This year I think the majority of my donations have gone towards buying red noses. They have been so cunning and put nine different types of nose in sealed bags so you don't know what you are getting. Me and the kids (who love 'blind bags' anyway) have become a bit obessed with collecting the whole set. We now have all but Snotty Professor!

Here are a beautifully photographed Snout Dracula and Karate Konk. I love how dramatic the photographer has manage to make a couple of rubber noses look. I especially like the reflection.

Happy weekend and happy Red Nose Day everyone!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

'Six66 Studio' by Tonya Hua

Six66 Studio
Photo credit: Tonya Hua on Flickr

I love decluttering and having a good clear out. It makes me feel refreshed, clensed and good about myself. However... I also like "stuff". I love shopping and I love having lots of things. So that's my problem. I like the idea of a minimalist and clutter free house but I don't seem to have another space to hide all my things.

This photo is great as it reminds me of how lovely a wardrobe is when it's not crammed with too many clothes. It would be nice to have a wardrobe with just a few well made items but in reality I want lots and lots of clothes to choose from when I get dressed in the morning. And it goes without saying that you can never have too many pairs of shoes.

This photo is also fascinating as I wonder where it was taken. I want to zoom out and see the rest of the room. At first I just presumed it was typical clothing rail but as I looked more I realised it appears to be some kind of pipe. Is it an actual pipe or just a funky looking clothes rail? I wonder.

Friday, 6 March 2015

'had an awesome birthday♥' by *tmk*

had an awesome birthday♥
Photo credit: *tmk* on Flickr

I know it's not offically spring for another couple of weeks but I have decided that season needs to start now. The sky has been blue for most of the week, there are spring flowers popping up all over the place, my daughter walked home from school today without her coat on and my son asked if we could have a picnic. It's still rather chilly but I did take my gloves off today and yesterday because my hands were too hot. The weather looks set to be lovely for the weekend too which is great as we are going to be celebrating my husband's birthday. It's always nice to have a bit of birthday sunshine.

And I chose this photo in honour of my hubby. I don't know if he will appreciate the pretty pastels and the delicate little candles but I think it is really lovely.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

'Spring is here' by Me

Spring is here
Photo credit: PhotoPuddle on Flickr

Well hello March. After what felt like the longest January known to man I can't believe how quickly February flew by. Due to our recent home improvement work the month was mainly spent painting and decorating and assembling flat pack furniture. But the house is starting to look really fantastic. We all have new bedrooms now and it feels like a fresh start for our house. And I am hoping that spring isn't far away - spring is the season of fresh starts and positivity I reckon. The sun is shining right now so here's hoping it sticks around for a while, makes us smile and warms us up a little.

I bought these daffodils a few days ago and yesterday they were ready to be photographed. I love spring flowers. And I love how you can pick up a bunch of daffodils for £1 and instantly bring a little bit of sunshine into your home. I might have to brighten up the house with some tulips soon too.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and I hope spring is starting to appear wherever you are. (Unless you are reading from the other side of the world of course. Then I hope you have been having a brilliant summer.)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

'Pancakes' by Shirley77

Photo credit: Shirley77 on Flickr

It is Shrove Tuesday so today has been all about the pancakes. We always make a big deal of this day in our house as it's a food all four of us love equally. In general I do most of the cooking at home but when it comes to making pancakes it is definitely my husband's job as I am really bad at it. I am good at picking what to go on them though. That is why I chose this fab photograph tonight. It is pretty much what we had on ours, except we had chocolate spread as well as the fruit. And of course we had to be a bit traditional and have some with just sugar and lemon too.

So what about you? Any pancakes in your house today?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

'Few things make me happier' by Vanessa Rae

few things make me happier
Photo credit: Vanessa Rae on Flickr 

I can't believe we are nearly half way through February already. This month is flying by which is crazy after January felt like the longest month ever. I didn't blog for the first week of this month because I couldn't think of anything to say other than moan about how cold I was feeling and how I am so over this winter weather. But this week I think we have seen a few sneak peeks of spring and it has really lifted my mood. Monday for example was a gorgeous day. I wore a shirt instead of a jumper and I even had a window open in the house at one point. It's gone back to being cold again now but somehow it doesn't feel as bitter. And I loving that it is getting lighter in the evenings. It is still dark early but ever week when I pick my daughter up late from some after school club or other I notice it is not quite as dark as the week before.

So roll on spring. I am not even dreaming of summer just yet. Just an end to the freezing cold weather and being able to leave the house without having to wrap everyone up in many layers and hats, scarves and gloves.

This photo is so dreamy. It is like a flash back to a lazy spring or summer day. That sunlight is simply beautiful. And it goes to prove that backs of flowers can be just as interesting to look at as their faces!
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